Modern Development Group Contributing to Open-Source Communities

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We are dedicated towards working with open-source software. All development is targeted to be open-source or improving tools in the open-source community.



We provide customers the knowledge of how to better improve their integration with open-source communites. As well as work with open-source projects to improve any feature that clients would like to see in the future.


Everything Else

As much as we love to work with open-source projects and develop tools, we also take part in creating podcast on the latest trends, writing blogs to understand current technologies, as well as develop fun applications on the side.

Providing best practices, skills, and vision to new ventures
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Contact Us

We are a freelance group dealing with an open-source model. We want to work with companies trying to make a push into the open-source world and help them integrate and develop the correct culture.

Responsive interaction with the Open-Source community
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